We are constantly developing our DeepVA product to meet the needs of our users. The latest version is packed with new features and enhancements that give you greater customisation and improved performance. Read about the updates that make DeepVA more powerful and easier to use.

New zero-shot model for object and scene recognition

Our latest innovation: a zero-shot model for object and scene recognition. This model includes an extensive collection of pre-trained labels and can now be customised using a separate dictionary.

All objects, including non-real objects such as cartoon characters, animals, cosmetics, etc., can be identified using a customised dictionary without the need for training data. Possible applications include the targeted placement of advertisements in specific locations.

New differentiation option for training data

There is now a new field in the API called “used_in_training” for dataset samples. This field indicates whether the data was used in training or not. It is optional and becomes part of the response object when the query parameter “include_used_in_training” is specified when requesting the /samples, /audios or /images endpoints. This change only affects the programming interface, not the user interface.

Speech recognition transcript translation now available in API and user interface

All DeepVA users can now translate their speech recognition transcripts into 27 languages. Previously only available in the API, from 22 August it will also be available in the user interface. This opens up new possibilities for global communication and efficiency.

New face recognition model with class IDs to avoid name duplicates

We have released an updated model (version 25) for celebrity face recognition. New identities have been added and class IDs are now also provided for your already trained model. The class IDs are used to better distinguish when a name appears twice.

What else is new? Bug Fixes & Co.

  • Fixes a problem where Unicode decoding errors were not handled correctly for custom dictionaries. Note: Please use the default UTF-8 encoding for your dictionaries to avoid error messages.
  • Usability improvements for subtitle detection and speech recognition results
  • Correction of an issue where speaker dataset creation failed due to missing readout data

Try the latest version of DeepVA and experience the power of AI-driven analytics with advanced customization and improved performance. Discover the limitless possibilities and get deeper insights with DeepVA’s cutting-edge features.

All DeepVA changelog updates are available here: https://docs.deepva.com/changelog/

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