Mission & Vision

DeepVA simplifies AI. We provide a platform for the analysis of visual data and an easy entry to Artificial Intelligence making modern image and video recognition as well as AI customization so intuitive that it completely disappears in the background.

We want to improve people’s lives and help businesses innovate faster throughout the world to open up their full potential. Every media company should be able to experience the benefits of the latest AI technology to reduce workflow complexity and back decisions based on meaningful insights. We dedicated ourselves to the most intuitive, efficient and connected AI tools.

The start of the journey

The Chainless was founded in 2018, when Christian Hirth, Frederik Böhm and Esther Arroyo Garcia realized the huge potential of AI for media companies.

The combination of Chris’ background in the film and gaming industry, Freddy’s technical affinity and Esther’s continued work for agencies, production companies and publishers laid the foundation for a well-positioned team and a diverse company culture. In the last couple of years, they started to build up media industry expertise and initiated various contacts to important players from the media industry.

Also in 2018, Chris, Freddy and Esther were co-founders of the German AI Association which is one of the most influential networks for AI and Deep Tech companies in Europe.

Our Philosophy

Here at DeepVA, we think that employee wellbeing goes hand in hand with the results of our work. Thus, we value a friendly atmosphere with flat hierarchies and are convinced that this philosophy has played a major role in our success to date. We appreciate a healthy balance between work and life, but also fully support our employees in their personal development. Every team member’s input is encouraged, and we strongly believe in diversity and empowerment as a core value to shape our startup. We always take our time to help each other out, also on non-work-related matters. Your profession is important, but so are family, friendships, and happiness!

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Meet Our Team

Our Team consists of young and ambitious talents of different nationalities. Today we are 10 employees from 6 different countries: Spain, Croatia, Latvia, Turkey, Iran and Germany.

Christian Hirth
Co-Founder & CEO
Esther Arroyo Garcia
Co-founder & CMO
Frederik Böhm
Co-Founder & CTO
Alexander von Kiedrowski
Sales Development Manager
Florian Vogt
Marketing manager
Janina Zapara
Web Designer
Alp Emek
Deep Learning Engineer
Amirreza Alesaheb-Fosoul
Back-end Developer
Borna Bešić
Deep Learning Engineer
Janik Böhm
Quality Assurance Specialist

What we do

Listen to our customers & partners

Focus on results

Have an open mind

Care about our team

Bake cakes for birthdays


What we don't do

Make promises we cannot keep

Sacrifice quality for profit

Work for free


Resist cake

Let employees pay for beer and pizza

The DeepVA Timeline

The DeepVA


July 2017

Innovation support granted


December 2017

Top Start-Up 2017


March 2018

Foundation of The Chainless GmbH and KI Bundesverband e.V.


April 2018

Supported by start-up accelerator programs


January 2019

Investments received


February 2019

Supported by the start-up accelerator program


January 2020

Microsoft for Startupsbooster program


February 2020

Launch of the DeepVA


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