We are on a journey to help all businesses and researchers realize their full potential by providing the world's easiest, safest, and most trusted access to AI

Mission & Vision

We want to help media companies implement innovations faster and hence achieve their full potential in no time. Every media company should be able to take advantage of the latest AI technology to optimize workflows, reduce costs and increase revenue. We have dedicated ourselves to the most intuitive, efficient, and highly integratable AI tools on the market.

The start of the journey

As former filmmakers, we love good storytelling and the way it can be expressed in images and videos. We not only enjoy the creative part, which turns ideas into full-fledged stories, but also the technical part, which ends up with ready-to-go videos. As tekkies, we love the latest technologies that help to make our life easier and the working processes more efficient. As designers, we love intuitive interfaces and well thought-out design. DeepVA is where we put our heart and soul in order to develop a technology that is so intuitive and easy to use that it supports users in their daily working routine.

Since 2016, we the three founders (Esther Arroyo Garcia, Frederik Böhm and Christian Hirth) have been working on our vision to make our software solution so effective and intuitive that it will change the future of video and image processing. After we received our grant in 2018, we founded the AI startup ‘The Chainless’ in Freiburg and developed our AI platform DeepVA together with Europe’s leading media and technology companies.

Our Philosophy

Here at DeepVA, we believe that the well-being of our employees goes hand in hand with the success of the company. Therefore, we employed strategies to convey a warm and friendly atmosphere with a flat hierarchy, and we are convinced that this philosophy has played a big part in our success so far. We strongly believe that a healthy work-life balance is very important and we also support our employees in their personal development. The contribution of each team member is highly welcome, and we are committed to diversity and empowerment as core values in shaping our startup. We always take the time to help each other, including personal matters. The job is important, but so are family, friendships and sense of happiness!

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Meet Our Team

Our Team consists of young and ambitious talents of different nationalities. Today we are 9 employees from 5 different countries: Spain, Croatia, Latvia, Iran, and Germany.

Christian Hirth
Co-Founder & CEO
Esther Arroyo Garcia
Co-founder & CMO
Frederik Böhm
Co-Founder & CTO
Maria Eichmüller
Process & Program Manager
Fabian Linder
Business Development Manager
Janina Zapara
digital marketing manager
Borna Bešić
Deep Learning Engineer
Janik Böhm
Quality Assurance Specialist
Amirreza Alesaheb-Fosoul
Backend Developer
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