SDR to HDR conversion

How can I turn SDR footage from the archive into HDR footage? 

Anyone who has SDR material in their archive but would like to have it converted in better quality for new playout methods. 

The Problem

Still many archives contain SDR material. With the new technical possibilities, the quality of the playout suffers: In media libraries and on TV, SDR looks significantly worse than HDR. Is there a way to convert SDR material into HDR material with DeepVA?

The Solution

With DeepVA’s Deep Generator, SDR material can be automatically converted into HDR material at very low cost. Using the AI’s trained knowledge, every pixel in the image is analyzed and re-evaluated in terms of brightness and color saturation, allowing local color contrasts that were not recorded to be created as close to reality as possible. The widecolor gamut images required for modern playout paths can thus be created from classic SDR material.

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faster data acquisition

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faster labelling

What results can be obtained?

Material that is available in SDR can be converted to HDR material in a cost-effective automated manner

Archival footage can be seamlessly stitched together with higher quality modern footage.

Get the most out of your old SDR footage.


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