use case: Duplicate detection

How can I filter duplicates in my archive material more quickly?

The challenge

Find and remove duplicates in datasets

The larger the amount of visual data, the greater the likelihood that there will be duplicates among the images and videos. This not only costs storage space, but also discourages users from doing quick searches or using consistent data. How can DeepVA help filter out the duplicates in my data?

DeepVA Deep indexer Duplicate detection

the solution

Deep Indexer

Using the Deep Indexer, duplicates can be automatically detected and located in your data set. The system can be used on-premise or in the cloud. If it is to be part of a workflow, integration is required. Via our RESTful API, it can be easily integrated in any existing system or workflow. Data protection requirements usually play a major role in this decision and should be considered. 

What results can be obtained?

Increase the quality of your database by avoiding duplicates

Save valuable storage space by removing duplicates

Extend the storage of data in your media workflow with another quality control measure

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faster data acquisition

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faster labelling

Duplicate detection 

Function overview

Face Index

Using Face Index, each person in video and image material can be assigned a number, allowing them to be translated into the metadata afterwards.

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