Deepva Speech-to-Text


function description

Converting speech to text

Often the spoken word alone is not enough: transcription is needed. Our Speech to Text function automates this process. The speech recognition algorithms were developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute. These algorithms make it possible not only to analyse the visual content of the videos, but also to take the audio track into account.

Speech-to-Text helps to extract even more detailed metadata from media. You can find out exactly what happens in the video, what it is about, and even what genre it is. The function is perfect for creating automated summaries of the material.

DeepVA Speech-to-Text


Transforming data into value

Spoken word transcription & genre recognition

Detailed metadata about your media files

Automatic summary generation

use cases

Logo Recognition use cases

how it works

How does Logo Recognition work?

Logo Recognition analyses logos for various characteristics and compares them with the database behind them. This database can be either pre-trained personalities or your own training material. In addition to face and landmark recognition, logo recognition will also be adapted to the specific needs of companies in the future.

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