use case: Contextual Tagging

How can I design advertising strategies based on media content?

The challenge

Placing advertising that is true to the content

At best, advertising should reach viewers when they are engaged with a particular topic. Intelligently aligned brand communication aims to reach potential buyers at the right time with an appropriate message. This is no different from cost-intensive advertising banners on television. It is therefore important to determine at which point an advertising message can be used most effectively. Individualization based on aired actions is an innovative way to optimize the playout timing of advertising media.

How can DeepVA help me place advertising when it fits thematically with the scene’s content played out on TV?

DeepVA Contextual Tagging Werbung

the solution

Deep Media Analyzer

With the Deep Media Analyzer, you can use AI to capture the content shown in the respective broadcast scenes. With the help of Speech-To-Text, the spoken words of the protagonists can be converted into text files or packages and thus the subject can be analyzed. Relevant keywords such as “fresh”, “fruit” or “salad” are of particular relevance. Based on these keywords, a suitable advertising medium can now be simply selected. This is supported by the Deep Media Analyzer recognition functions such as Object, Face, and Landmark Recognition. They offer a comprehensive analysis of the scene shown and combined with speech recognition, can capture the content displayed quickly.

What results can be obtained?

Content-based ad placement through spoken word recognition

Contextual scene recognition through Recognition Services

Thematically targeted communication

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faster data acquisition

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faster labelling

Equality and diversity insights

Function overview


Often the spoken word alone is not enough: transcription is needed. Our Speech to Text function automates this process.

Face recognition

Face Recognition detects and identifies the faces of public figures in a variety of categories such as politics, sports, business, and entertainment.

Visual concepts recognition

Object and scene recognition detects and labels various objects and scenes, from general to more specific ones.

Landmark recognition

Landmark Recognition identifies all important sights, architectural structures and natural monuments across Europe. Easily archive and retrieve visual material showing places of interest for content creation.

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