Deepva Face Attributes

Face Attributes

function description

Recognition of facial attributes

Do you want to take facial recognition one step beyond classic face recognition? At the heart of our Face Attributes functionality is the ability to read characteristics such as emotion, age and gender, or even accessories such as hats or glasses. It’s the little things that matter! Pay attention to the small details. Analyse emotions such as “happy”, “sad”, “angry” or “confused”.

Unwanted attributes such as ‘eyes closed’ or ‘mouth open’ can also be used to filter out images. It is also possible to identify special features as well as demographic information about the person. Identify images and videos that create the right mood.

DeepVA Face Attributes


Transforming data into value

Recognition of emotions

Detection of facial features

Analysis of the video mood

use cases

Face Attributes use cases

how it works

How does Face Recognition work?

Face Recognition analyzes faces with respect to a number of different vectors and compares them with the underlying database. The database may consist of either pre-trained personalities, your own training data, or a combination of the two.

DeepVA face recognition

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