Deepva face training api

Face training

function description

Train new faces in seconds

Our face training simplifies the process of training new faces for facial recognition. Using highly effective few-shot learning, new classes are created in seconds. This requires only a few training images and no negative training data. Our algorithms have been designed to train in the most efficient way possible.

The feature is simple and intuitive to use, no expertise is required. The image can either be uploaded directly or it can be extracted automatically from the videos using the Face Dataset Creation feature. Face training works with just a few images and is the perfect complement to the corresponding recognition module.

DeepVA Face training API


Transforming data into value

Train new faces

Few-shot learning for class creation

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Direct video extraction

use cases

Face training API use cases

It is not always the case that only publicly known people are searched for in video footage. With the Face Training feature, it is now possible to identify unknown people and create classes. This allows you to easily manage which classes are included in your training and to temporarily adjust them.

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