Deep Indexer 

Speed up your search with advanced indexing

Index the face or voice of an unknown person to enrich your videos, audio files, images, and streams with unique clustering using state-of-the-art AI. Build better search experiences, with reverse or similarity search, or drastically reduce labeling costs.

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Knowing the unknown

Deep Indexer clusters unknown persons in videos, images, and audio files and returns unique IDs to identify that person even if you don’t know them yet.


Building AI-powered search indexes

Unlock the full potential

Deep Indexer provides advanced clustering methods to unlock the full potential of your face recognition and speaker identification apps.

Start using without building the database first

Deep Indexer is the easiest way to start using an AI to identify a person’s face or voice without training your AI upfront.

save costs with deepva

Save costs

Having a huge media archive that needs to be analyzed could be costly over time if you need to analyze it more than once. Deep Indexer saves costs by providing unique IDs instead of real labels that can be renamed how often you want.

Use cases

A powerful AI that fully covers your needs

Duplicate detection 

How can I filter dublicates in my archive material more quickly?

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Similarity and reverse search

How can I identify and label people without pre-trained face recognition? 

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Media archive

Intelligently organize your images and videos and gain meaningful insights without manual effort.

Dataset Management

We made it possible for you to easily upload and manage large datasets within your own ecosystem.

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Deep Indexer 

A growing inventory of AI-services

Face Index

Using Face Index, each person in video and image material can be assigned a number, allowing them to be translated into the metadata afterwards.

Object recognition

DeepVA’s Face Recognition is designed to recognize all important public figures.

Face attributes

Also known as Lower-Third Recognition. Automatically detects and extracts names.

Integration & Deployment

Integrate DeepVA with your apps in a matter of time

Deep Indexer integration allows you to combine the strength of AI-powered computer vision and fingerprinting to unlock the full recognition potential for your videos.

DeepVA-powered solutions

Success stories

See how companies had benefited from Deep Indexer

Vidispine Arvato Systems Interface with AI

Arvato Systems

With the help of DeepVA, the user can intuitively and easily create and manage training data directly in the media asset management system (MAM).

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Bayerischer Rundfunk

Creating and managing training data for face recognition using AI requires a lot of time and resources.

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Flexible and clear pricing

Every company has special requirements. No matter if you are a startup, a corporate, or an enterprise. Whether subscription, license, or pay-as-you-use. We will help you find the most suitable pricing model!

Subscription starting at 499,- or pay-as-you-use without fixed cost

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