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function description

Identification of individuals

Is finding personalities in your media data taking a lot of time and causing unnecessary costs? DeepVA Face Recognition quickly detects and identifies people in a variety of categories and helps to structure large media archives, easily find relevant content and use media data for individual needs.


Transforming data into value

Accurate face recognition

Face masks aren't a problem

Over 21,000 pre-trained personalities

use cases

Face Recognition use cases

DeepVA Face Recognition is used by media, sports, construction or retail organizations and city archives to simplify content search to the maximum, to identify people in real-time or to broadcast targeted advertising. A variety of use cases can be covered, such as contextual or emotional video tagging, live recognition of people or athletes, or deep fake detection.

how it works

How does Face Recognition work?

Face Recognition analyzes faces with respect to a number of different vectors and compares them with the underlying database. The database may consist of either pre-trained personalities, your own training data, or a combination of the two.

DeepVA face recognition

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