Use Case - Deep Model CUSTOMIZER

Identification of speakers

How can I recognize new speakers in my media assets in the future?

For: Radio Stations, Broadcaster, Media Archives

The Problem

Face recognition is currently already widespread, but there are also many formats in which a face cannot always be recognized, or which are purely audio productions. In this case it is essential to be able to reliably identify speakers based on their audio characteristics.

How can DeepVA help me to store individual speakers as a data set in order to structure my image material?

The Solution

With Deep VA’s Deep Customizer you can individualize the speaker recognition with your own personalities. Simply upload one or more audio files of the personality and title the speaker’s name.
Expanding and Individualizing you speaker database couldn`t be easier.

Since training data is one of the most important elements in the use of AI, we offer data set functions to manage your training data transparently, intuitively and efficiently while respecting data privacy.

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faster data acquisition

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faster labelling

What results can be obtained?

Build a speaker database without effort, using a very intuitive and simple to use system

Create a completely unique speaker database exactly for your purpose


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