Deep Model Customizer

Building better working AIs

Simplifying AI customization with a powerful no Code AI platform. Drastically reduce training time, costs, and IT-resources.

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The Product

Beyond pre-trained AI models

Deep Model Customizer solves the limitations and complexities of pre-trained AI models and provides a platform to efficiently manage your training data to create custom AI models with ease while keeping data privacy in mind.


Building better working AIs

Reducing Complexity

No AI experts are needed: you don’t need to find and hire expensive AI experts. Everyone can now customize their own AI models.

Accelerate AI training time and cut costs

Usually, it takes several days or weeks to train standard deep learning algorithms. Deep Model Customizer uses the latest Few-Shot-Learning algorithms, which can be trained with very little data within seconds.

no vendor lock-in

AI models under your control

Deep Model Customizer was developed in collaboration with companies that care a lot about data protection. Therefore, your data always stays under your control and can be exported at any time – without vendor locking.

Use cases

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Media archive

Intelligently organize your images and videos and gain meaningful insights without manual effort.

Dataset Management

We made it possible for you to easily upload and manage large datasets within your own ecosystem.

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Deep Model Customizer

A growing inventory of AI-services

DeepVA Face Training Function

Face Training

In just a few seconds, new faces are trained using our face training technology and are ready for use in Recognition Services.

Landmark Training

With just a few images, our Landmark Training allows you to efficiently train landmark buildings.

Logo Recognition

Logo Training

Extend the logo recognition with your own logos and train your AI models with just a few clicks.

Speaker Training

Your speakers can be trained easily and intuitively with very little training data and no negative examples.

Object recognition

DeepVA’s Face Recognition is designed to recognize all important public figures.

Face attributes

Also known as Lower-Third Recognition. Automatically detects and extracts names.

Integration & Deployment

Integrate DeepVA with your apps in a matter of time

Deep Model Customizer integration lets you take advantage of AI-powered computer vision, machine learning, and low-code automation. Create your own models in seconds that recognize individual faces, custom landmarks, or voices, and help you analyze and predict images, audios, and videos.

DeepVA-powered solutions

Success stories

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Flexible and clear pricing

Every company has special requirements. No matter if you are a startup, a corporate, or an enterprise. Whether subscription, license, or pay-as-you-use. We will help you find the most suitable pricing model!

Subscription starting at 499,- or pay-as-you-use without fixed cost

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