Deepva Speaker Identification

Speaker Identification

function description

Real-time speaker recognition

Identify a wide range of personalities by their voice with Speaker Identification – in real time and with the highest accuracy! This feature allows you to identify and analyze personalities without the need for image or video data. As it is not only the face of a person that is unique, the voice can also be used for identification purposes.

Based on voice characteristics and pitch, our Speaker Identification can check whether the audio sample can be matched to a specific person. This is not only of interest for fact-checking purposes. A comparison with Face Recognition enables even more reliable identification.

DeepVA Speaker Identification


Transforming data into value

Identification of speakers

Perfect for radio and podcasts

Customisable AI models

use cases

Logo Recognition use cases

how it works

How does Logo Recognition work?

Logo Recognition analyses logos for various characteristics and compares them with the database behind them. This database can be either pre-trained personalities or your own training material. In addition to face and landmark recognition, logo recognition will also be adapted to the specific needs of companies in the future.

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