Deepva Logo Recognition

Logo Recognition

function description

Recognition of logos and trademarks

The ability to reliably and quickly identify logos and brands in video is critical for media companies. This type of metadata is essential in the areas of contextual advertising, product placement and quality assurance. DeepVA Logo Recognition recognizes and reads logos in the material for these purposes.

Today’s media companies need to know when, where and in what context their brand or logo appears. This metadata and analysis is valuable and provides meaningful insights that can be used in making informed decisions.

DeepVA Logo Recognition


Transforming data into value

Recognise logos and brands in videos

Contextual Ads, Product Placement & Quality Assurance

Perfect for building and developing a brand

use cases

Logo Recognition use cases

how it works

How does Logo Recognition work?

Logo Recognition analyses logos for various characteristics and compares them with the database behind them. This database can be either pre-trained personalities or your own training material. n addition to face and landmark recognition, logo recognition will also be adapted to the specific needs of companies in the future.

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