use case: Speeding up research time

How can I recognize people and objects more quickly and establish references between them? 

the challenge

Speeding up research time

The challenging thing about pictures is that you need a lot of background information to understand them. The situations that take place in pictures depend not only on the people or places shown, but above all on the relationships between these individuals. Especially in research, this means a lot of effort. Who is the person, where does the person come from, how does he or she relate to his or her counterpart? How do the two know each other? Is there a way with DeepVA to conduct background research more quickly in order to extract more information from the image and video material?

DeepVA Deep Indexer Speeding up research time

the solution

Deep Explorer

With the help of DeepVA Deep Explorers highly precise Face Recognition and matching as well as Object, Scene, Segment, and Text Recognition are possible. This allows media content to be tagged automatically for quick and easy searchability. Our Knowledge Graph further enriches media archives with demographic and factual knowledge, and enables research on attributes, relationships between assets, similarities between assets, and a recommendation system via extensive AI analysis of the existing visual material.

The system can be used on-premise or in the cloud. If it is to be part of a workflow, integration is required. Via our RESTful API, it can be easily integrated in any existing system or workflow. Data protection requirements usually play a major role in this decision and should be considered. 

What results can be obtained?

Faster media production, as connections are visually represented

Higher quality, since connections are not accidentally left undiscovered

Constant matching of data, since dynamic knowledge from databases is queried in addition to static knowledge

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faster data acquisition

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faster labelling

Speeding up research time

Function overview

Knowledge Graph

Recognizes the relationships between people or objects, represents them visually, and thus helps to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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