Deepva QR-Code detection

QR-Code Detection

function description

Recognition of the QR codes

Want to use QR codes consistently across your media? The QR Code Recognition feature reads QR codes as well as European EAN13 article numbers. This can be used for a wide range of purposes, e.g., website URLs, information for editorial purposes or information about the author or billing details. It can also be used for quality assurance purposes to make sure that no QR code is sent out without being seen.

It can be difficult to decode QR codes in images and videos, especially if they are only displayed for a short time. We decode every QR code displayed and also extract barcodes (EAN13) and the corresponding product names.


Transforming data into value

QR codes and European article number

relevant content

Use cases in the field of media and industry

Decoding of barcodes (EAN13) also possible

use cases

QR-Code Detection use cases

how it works

How does Face Recognition work?

Face Recognition analyzes faces with respect to a number of different vectors and compares them with the underlying database. The database may consist of either pre-trained personalities, your own training data, or a combination of the two.

DeepVA face recognition

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