Deepva Landmark Recognition

Landmark Recognition

function description

Recognition of famous landmarks

Retrieving and recognizing buildings in a media archive often takes a lot of time and relies on the skills of the employees. DeepVA Landmark Recognition quickly and reliably detects and identifies buildings, thus helping to structure large media archives. It lets you easily find relevant content and use media data for individual needs.

Using our Landmark Recognition, you can train and then identify buildings, allowing you to automatically search video footage for a specific point of interest. Coordinates or other information about the landmarks can also be stored in the system, which can then be provided together with the exact time code.

DeepVA Landmark Recognition


Transforming data into value

Identify landmarks from various perspectives

Pre-trained with landmarks from Europe and North America

Perfect for the preservation of knowledge and historical footage

use cases

Landmark Recognition use cases

how it works

How does Landmark Recognition work?

Landmark Recognition analyzes buildings and landmarks with respect to various attributes and compares them with the existing database. The database can either consist of pre-trained landmarks, your own training material or a combination of both.

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