Deepva speaker dataset creation

Speaker Dataset Creation

Function description

Create your own speaker database

The process of building your own AI models is often complex and time-consuming. With this feature, dataset creation, as well as the creation and management of people, is simple and possible without specialist knowledge. Speaker Dataset Creation automatically provides the system with images of people who cannot be recognized by pre-trained AI models due to their low profile or regional relevance.

DeepVA Speaker dataset creation API


Transforming data into value

Minimizes human-in-the-loop in the end-to-end workflow

Fully automated training data generation

Automatically builds training data for speaker recognition.

use cases

Face Dataset Creation use cases

how it works

How does Speaker Dataset Creation work?

With the help of name insertions in the video material and the person speaking at the same time, respectively the voice of the person, the necessary training data for a speaker recognition can be extracted automatically. The name and voice information is then stored in a separate dataset and made available to a customized AI model.

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