use case: Automatic thumbnail extraction

How can I automatically create thumbnails for the media library from my material? 

the challenge

Automatic thumbnail extraction

Media libraries contain a lot of material, so much that it’s easy to lose track of it all. In many cases, it is very difficult for users of the media libraries to recognize what is behind certain videos. Without images, it is not possible to recognize the content of the listings. Manually extracting thumbnails is extremely time-consuming. Is there a way to extract thumbnails automatically with DeepVA?

the solution

Deep Generator

With the help of DeepVA’s Deep Generator you can automatically generate thumbnails from video files. You can choose how many thumbnails should be generated and then decide on specific images. With the appropriate metadata, interest-specific thumbnails can also be generated. For example, if a user is interested in red cars, these can be extracted from the videos and stored as a thumbnail.

The system can be used on-premise or in the cloud. If it is to be part of a workflow, integration is required. Via our RESTful API, it can be easily integrated in any existing system or workflow. Data protection requirements usually play a major role in this decision and should be considered. 

What results can be obtained?

Efficiently generate thumbnails even with large amounts of data

In combination with the Deep Analyzer, you could, for example, automatically display preview images based on the viewing interest of the respective user profile

Define the number of suggestions yourself, the thumbnails can then be easily downloaded

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faster data acquisition

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faster labelling

Automated thumbnails

Function overview



Automated thumbnails can be output using teaser frame extraction. This makes it possible to work efficiently even with large amounts of content.

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