Deepva Visual Concepts Recognition

Visual Concepts Recognition

function description

Object and scene recognition

With extensive media data, it is often difficult to keep track of everything. With Visual Concepts, you can instantly group together the content of images or videos. Object recognition identifies and labels various objects, from general to more specific ones. With this module, visual data can be conveniently and reliably classified and archived.

The categorisation of your data is mainly relevant for the assignment of the topic of the image or video, for example by means of keywords, hashtags or keywording in the archive. With Object Recognition, objects in your media data are identified and made usable.

DeepVA Visual Concepts Recognition


Transforming data into value

Identifikation von 1.500 vortrainierten Objekten

Scenery identification

Automatically generate archive metadata

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Visual Concepts Recognition use cases

how it works

How does Face Recognition work?

Face Recognition analyzes faces with respect to a number of different vectors and compares them with the underlying database. The database may consist of either pre-trained personalities, your own training data, or a combination of the two.

DeepVA face recognition