Deepva Aspect Ratio Detection

Aspect Ratio Detection

function description

Identify the format of the images and videos

Identify the format of your images and videos and intelligently trim them to suit your needs. As different devices and social media platforms proliferate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver the right format for your audience. Aspect Ratio Detection detects all active aspect ratios in videos and images, even if the material contains letterboxes or pillarboxes. It then intelligently crops the content to suit your needs.

In an age of multiple playout channels on multiple platforms, it is important to have the right format at your fingertips. If media is not displayed correctly, for example if important parts of the picture are not visible or are cut off, it worsens the user experience and customers lose interest. Our Aspect Ratio Detection recognizes the aspect ratio of video and stores it in the metadata. This is a useful feature not only for live production, but also for archive preparation.

DeepVA Aspect Ratio Detection


Transforming data into value

Detecting aspect ratios of media data

Suitable video cropping according to the format

Improve user experience

use cases

Logo Recognition use cases

how it works

How does Logo Recognition work?

Logo Recognition analyses logos for various characteristics and compares them with the database behind them. This database can be either pre-trained personalities or your own training material. In addition to face and landmark recognition, logo recognition will also be adapted to the specific needs of companies in the future.

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