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Diversity Analysis

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Diversity assessment

Do you want to increase diversity and inclusion in your content creation, or find out how diverse your content already is? With Diversity Analysis, you can ensure that your content meets today’s diversity standards. This module allows you to monitor all your content and gain key insights through reports.

Especially in the face of increasing social change, it is always a question of equal opportunities and social cohesion. The diversity analysis focuses not only on screen time, i.e., time spent in front of the camera, but also on the distribution of speaking time between genders and age groups.

DeepVA Diversity Analysis


Transforming data into value

Analyze speech and screen time

Gender and age group analysis

Automated diversity reports

use cases

Diversity Analysis use cases

how it works

How does Face Recognition work?

Face Recognition analyzes faces with respect to a number of different vectors and compares them with the underlying database. The database may consist of either pre-trained personalities, your own training data, or a combination of the two.

DeepVA face recognition

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