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Equality and diversity insights

How can I get quick insights into my content's diversity and equality status?

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The Problem

Studies indicate that there still is a big gap between male and female characters across media content. For decades, nearly three-quarters of speaking parts in different TV shows have been performed by men. But how can you be ahead of the numbers and produce much more inclusive content?
So how can DeepVA help you find the people or places you’re looking for faster and more efficient?

The Solution

With the Deep Media Analyzer it’s now easier than ever to make diversity in content measurable. Our feature allows you to see how many women or men your current content contains, how often they are seen and how the respective share of speech is distributed. The same works for the respective age range of the protagonists.

With the diversity reports you get after the analysis you have the possibility to be on track of your current diversity status for creating a much more diverse content in the future.

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faster data acquisition

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faster labelling

What results can be obtained?

Automated diversity analyses for very extensive video material

Quantitative recording of diversity as proof and control mechanism

Standardized reporting with automated export

Equality and diversity insights

Function overview

Diversity analysis

Diversity Analysis offers the possibility to determine the percentage of gender and age occurrence in images or videos. Ensure your desired ratio between male and female and age ranges in any content.


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