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How can I identify and label people without pre-trained face recognition? 

Anyone who has any kind of image and video material in their inventory and would like to use it for face recognition.

The Problem

Although training AIs is already very easy, there are so many unknown people in many archives that even uploading three images of the respective person leads to a massive time investment. Thousands of hours of video material thus develop into a data silo whose already contained information cannot be used. Can DeepVA help me to store recurring persons, who currently cannot be named, so that they can be found in the future?

The Solution

With the DeepVA Deep Indexer, unlabeled people are referenced as numbers and can then be retroactively labeled in the future. This is comparable to a huge memory card pile, the AI searches for pictures and videos of one person and classifies them as a dataset. In the end, the user only has to assign a name to the respective datasets and you bring more structure into your archive material.

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faster data acquisition

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faster labelling

What results can be obtained?

Assigned but not labeled faces are trained and stored in the database. 

As soon as the faces are then labeled, all material is then correctly assigned to the face and the name. 

Unknown faces are referenced using a unique number

This number can be labeled later 

The person is then labeled across all assets, the footage does not have to be analyzed again.


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