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Let the AI easily collect your training data

The fastest way to collect your training datasets is completely automated and with all the tools you need. Build better data and drastically reduce data acquisition costs.

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The fastest way to build your own datasets

Completely skip the manual effort of building training data. Deep Collector provides best-in-class AI algorithms to automatically collect, prepare and label datasets for your face recognition and speaker identification through a perfectly integrable, scalable, and secure solution.


Your training data is one click away

save costs with deepva

Save time and cut costs

Deep Collector reduces the manual effort of your data acquisition and preparation time by up to 98%.

No AI Expert needed

Deep Collector is packed with automation tools to validate, prepare, and store your training data. It’s the easiest way to start building your own AI.

no vendor lock-in

No Vendor Lock-In

Deep Collector stores the collected training data in a way that you can easily export it and use it in any other workflow without vendor lock-in.

Use cases

A powerful AI that fully covers your use case

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Deep Collector 

A growing inventory of AI-services

Face dataset creation

Automatically generate entire datasets using facial images and text information (e.g., from belly bands), eliminating the need for manual labor.

Face evaluation

Analyze entire datasets and receive feedback on your training data quality to enhance face recognition accuracy.

Landmark evaluation

With just a few pictures of a landmark, automatically generate complete datasets, enabling the identification of footage featuring that specific place without any manual effort.

Speaker dataset creation

Automatically generate comprehensive datasets by utilizing audio recordings from speakers and accompanying text information, such as transcripts or belly bands.

Integration & deployment

Integrate DeepVA into your applications in a snap

Deep Collector integration lets you take advantage of AI-powered computer vision, machine learning, and low-code automation

DeepVA-powered solutions

Success stories

Real world examples: How companies use Deep Collector

Vidispine Arvato Systems Interface with AI

Arvato Systems

With the help of DeepVA, the user can intuitively and easily create and manage training data directly in the media asset management system (MAM).

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Bayerischer Rundfunk

Creating and managing training data for face recognition using AI requires a lot of time and resources.

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Fabian Linder

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