Use case: Use of AI in (audiobook) publishing

How can I improve content management in my (audiobook) publishing company and automatically create personalised recommendations for my customers?

The challenge

Efficient management and personalisation of book and audiobook content

When it comes to the use of artificial intelligence, both book and audiobook publishers are still very concerned about the dangers and risks of AI.
However, when it comes to data management, the use of AI offers promising efficiency gains and cost savings.
Publishers face the challenge of managing and delivering a vast collection of titles, covers, content and metadata across their systems and online stores. At best, this should go beyond standardised data.
At the same time, publishers want to ensure that customers receive relevant and personalised recommendations. Analysing how customers read is crucial to continually improving the service offered.

DeepVA Buchverlag KI

The solution

Deep Media Analyzer

DeepVA provides a comprehensive solution for book and audiobook publishers to optimise the management and personalisation of content in their internal systems and online stores. This solution includes automated keywording of titles, covers and content using AI capabilities. This enables efficient categorisation and improves the discoverability of products in the online stores, making it easier for customers to find the books and audiobooks that match their interests.

More knowledge for better recommendations

Relationships between assets can be established using the DeepVA knowledge graph. The combination of user and metadata provides the opportunity to build a recommendation system within your platforms. The DeepVA Knowledge Graph enriches data with demographic and factual knowledge and enables research into attributes, relationships between assets, text and similarities through extensive AI analysis of visual material.

What results can be achieved?

Efficient management of book and audiobook content

Automated keyword and content analysis enables time-saving management and optimisation of the product collection in internal CMS/DAM systems and online shops.

Improved shopping experience

Customers can find books and audiobooks more easily and receive personalised recommendations, leading to increased sales.

Better understanding of reading behaviour

DeepVA makes it possible to analyse customer reading behaviour in order to continuously improve the offer and increase customer satisfaction.

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faster data acquisition

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Cost reduction

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faster labelling

The use of AI in the (audio book) publishing industry

Features overview

Face recognition

DeepVA's facial recognition is designed to recognise all well-known public figures, such as those in politics, sport, the arts, entertainment and business.


You can create and use your own dictionaries and use speaker recognition to associate statements with specific people. Our Speech-to-Text function automates this process.

Landmark recognition

Our Landmark Recognition recognises local landmarks and provides this information with frame accuracy.

Visual concepts recognition

Object and scene recognition identifies and labels different objects and scenes.

Face attributes

Face Attributes recognises emotions and facial features such as "beard", "eyes closed" or "glasses" of all people in pictures or videos.

Diversity assessment

Diversity analysis provides the ability to determine the percentage of gender and age in images or videos.

QR-Code detection

QR codes can be used to integrate important information and links directly into the footage, and our QR code recognition makes them readable again.

Logo recognition

Our logo recognition helps you build your brand by monitoring media presence and the use of the correct logo.

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