use case: Generate datasets automatically

How can I automatically build training datasets from my media material?

the challenge

Automatic information extraction

Although training AI-Models is already easy, there are so many unknown people in many archives that even uploading three images of the respective person leads to a massive time investment. Thousands of hours of video footage thus turn into a data silo with no use for the information it already contains. Is there a way to use DeepVA to automatically create training data from specific individuals?

DeepVA Deep Collector Automatically build a face recognition dataset

the solution

Deep Collector

Thanks to DeepVA’s Deep Collector, training data for face recognition can be obtained automatically. The AI of the Deep Collector recognizes lower-third titles, it checks the quality of the face present in the image and, if the quality is good, stores individual frames as training data together with the name extracted from the lower-third. The system can be used on-premise or in the cloud. If it is to be part of a workflow, integration is required. Via our RESTful API, it can be easily integrated in any existing system or workflow. Data protection requirements usually play a major role in this decision and should be considered. 

What results can be obtained?

Automated creation of a training database out of available video data

Constant expansion of dataset through permanent analysis and training

Integrated Quality Checks for best possible training data

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faster data acquisition

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faster labelling

Automatically build a face recognition dataset 

Function overview

Face Dataset Creation

Using images of the faces and text information (e.g. from belly bands), Face Dataset Creation automatically creates entire datasets, without any manual labor.

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