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Vidispine provides media companies and broadcasters with innovative technologies to support their business needs. Customers benefit from a broad portfolio of media management tools, applications, and services, including solutions for mdia asset management, production asset management, and media supply chain. 

DeepVA product used



DeepVA Face Training Theme for VidiCore

The DeepVA Face Training Theme for VidiCore is an application for visualizing the capabilities of the DeepVA Face Recognition & Analysis Services in VidiNet. The application includes features for analyzing video content with DeepVA AI services in VidiNet, managing and organizing the face data model/database with VidiCore, training the data model with known faces before analyzing content, manually capturing faces in videos, and more. The powerful indexing services in VidiCore make it easy to find and display people and faces using time-coded metadata combined with AI. At its core, the Face Training Theme is a lightweight application with minimal configuration required. The only prerequisite is a live instance of VidiCore with an S3 storage, a connected VidiCoder, and one or more connected DeepVA services. The DeepVA Services in VidiNet The “Face Training and Analysis Powered by DeepVA” service will enable the powerful AI capabilities of DeepVA for analyzing video content to find faces both unknown and known to the system. Each finding will be fingerprinted and compared, with duplicates being grouped into one fingerprint. All findings will preserve the timecode where the face was found, in order to properly display search results in the user interface. This service also offers the ability to pre-train a face model before analyzing large amounts of content. The “Face and Label Extractor Powered by DeepVA”-service will do a thorough frame-by-frame analysis of videos to find faces and match this with any textual information found in the lower third area of the video. Analysis results from this service will NOT preserve the timecode from where the face was found. The output, however, can be used to pre-train the face data model for usage with the other DeepVA service, i.e. “Face Training and Analysis by DeepVA”. The output of the “Face and Label Extractor powered by DeepVA”-service is, simply put, a set of still images of a person’s face alongside a suggested name of the person based on the findings in the lower thirds.

Vidispine Media Portal

Vidispine MediaPortal is a web interface for accessing all media and non-media files managed by Vidispine, and provides functionality for collecting and processing this content within a single search logic and intuitive design. It simplifies your workflows for uploading, housekeeping, editing projects, and distributing content. As a highly integrated part of the Vidispine product portfolio, you can easily customize the application to your specific needs when it comes to production workflows, media supply chains, and collaborative work via a convenient configuration interface.


VidiCore is a Media Management backend service that sees its placement in the base of layer a media supply system. As implied, at the core of your system, its essential role is to handle, and ultimately reduce, the complexity of connecting multiple sources as well as the harvesting and management of media assets and their respective metadata. Coupled together with VidiCoder, VidiCore is able to provide media awareness and proxy generation right out of the box. Another aspect which grants VidiCore a high degree of flexibility is the fact that it is a REST API service. This enables one to easily develop custom solutions on top of it. VidiCore malleable nature allows one to fit it into various application scenarios: From filling a gap in your existing media workflow, to building sophisticated media management solutions. VidiCore’s architecture is kept simple. It can easily be deployed on an on-prem, or in cloud environment as well as utilizing vendor specify components for easy operation and scalability.

Benefits for the user

Automatic face fingerprinting

Detected faces are automatically stored in the DeepVA data model for subsequent analysis

Efficient search functionality

Easily locate individuals in your media assets

Face Management

The software allows you to effectively manage and categorize the faces detected by the DeepVA Face Analysis and Training service

Deep media analyzer functions

DeepVA features integrated into Vidispine

Face recognition

Face Recognition detects and identifies the faces of public figures in a variety of categories such as politics, sports, business, and entertainment.

Face attributes

Face Attributes recognizes emotions and facial characteristics such as "beard", "eyes closed" or "glasses" of all persons appearing in pictures or videos.

Landmark recognition

Landmark Recognition identifies all important sights, architectural structures and natural monuments across Europe and North America.

DeepVA Face Training Function

Face Training

In just a few seconds, new faces are trained using our face training technology and are ready for use in Recognition Services.


Often the spoken word alone is not enough: transcription is needed. Our Speech to Text function automates this process.

Face Index

Using Face Index, each person in video and image material can be assigned a number, allowing them to be translated into the metadata afterwards.

Face Dataset creation

Using images of the faces and text information (e.g., from belly bands), Face Dataset Creation automatically creates entire datasets, without any manual labor.

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