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DeepVA provides efficient and easy access to powerful AI tools for handling your images and videos. Let’s talk about it!


DeepVA - where images and videos become usable information

DeepVA is a visual data mining platform that provides everything you need to use AI in the simplest and most effective way. We help you to create training data automatically, customize your AI models and use them to analyze your images and videos.

Benefit from advanced AI features that quickly adapt to your needs.

Hamburg open participants

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Christian Hirth

Christian Hirth

Co-founder & CEO

Fabian Linder

Fabian Linder

business development manager

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DeepVA is a visual mining software developed by the startup "The Chainless GmbH" back in 2018

DeepVA uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you analyze, sort, label and organize images, videos, and text. Furthermore, we offer tools such as Custom AI Models and Dataset Management so that you can train your own recognition models and also search through them.

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