Meet us at Hamburg Open 2023

18. 18 - 19 January 2023 | Hamburg Exhibition Centre, Hall B6

DeepVA provides you with efficient and easy access to AI tools that can help you as you work with your images and videos. Let’s talk about it!

hamburg open 2023

The Innovation and Networking Event

The Hamburg Open innovation and networking event has become one of our most important events of the year. In addition to meeting our key customers, the event provides us with new insights into key technical and business developments, showing us where the industry is at and where there’s room for improvement. We are looking forward to great conversations at our booth 405 in hall 6, where we will be talking about our new developments, features and partnerships, as well as a relaxed get-together at the end of the event.




Our highlights at hamburg open

A project with VidiNet: AI meets MAM system

By partnering with Vidispine, a brand of Arvato Systems, users of the MAM system can now monitor and control the recognition of content from images and videos, the creation of customized AI models, and the quality of training data. The collaboration between DeepVA and VidiNet results in a highly efficient, time-saving and intuitive MAM system.

Partnership with RheinMain University: AI for video editing

UPCON - Upconverter for the conversion of SDR video signals to HDR using AI

The goal of the joint project with the University of Applied Sciences Rhein Main and DeepVA is to develop algorithms to upconvert (UPCON) the contrast, dynamic and color space from SDR to HDR. This technology is to be used both in real time directly during the recording of video material, and subsequently in the form of a cloud-based, non-real time conversion.

DeepVA Knowledge Graph

Improve editorial search with better data knowledge

The DeepVA Knowledge Graph transforms a passive media archive into an active media asset management (MAM) tool. Database information is enriched with factual knowledge from sources such as Wikipedia and then combined with knowledge from AI-powered media content analysis. This dynamic knowledge enables research on attributes, relationships between assets, similarities, and a recommendation system. It provides information to content producers, editors or archivists in seconds, enabling significantly faster workflows in daily operations.

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Hamburg open 2023 Participants

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Christian Hirth

Christian Hirth

Co-Founder & CEO

Fabian Linder

Fabian Linder

business development manager

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