Pop Up Innovation Freiburg

June 16 - July 31, Tuesdays through Saturdays | Unterlinden 9, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

pop up innovation event

Innovations "made in Freiburg"

Meet us at Freiburg’s first pop-up innovation event in the heart of the city – an event that offers constantly changing exhibitions and presentations. From July 4 to July 15, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to engage with our AI startup and get an insider’s perspective. Experience the advanced technology and innovative solutions that drive our work.

Join us on July 14th for our special event – the AI and Media Night. We have an exciting lineup of speakers and topics waiting for you. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with our team, explore our progress, and witness the transformative impact of our AI technology across industries. Check out the full program here.

The AI & Media Night Event


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DeepVA - Turning images and video into actionable intelligence.

DeepVA is a visual data mining platform that provides everything you need to use AI in the easiest and most effective way. We help you automatically create training data, customize your AI, and use it to analyze your images and videos. Benefit from advanced AI features that quickly adapt to your needs. Try our free demo and benefit from advanced AI features that quickly adapt to your needs!

DeepVA Visual Assets / Object Recognition


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What is DeepVA?

DeepVA is a visual mining software developed in 2018 by the startup “The Chainless GmbH”.

What does DeepVA do?

DeepVA uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you analyze, sort, label, and organize images, videos, audio, and text. In addition, it offers tools such as Custom AI Models and Dataset Management that allow you to train and also search for your own AI models.

You can learn more about our product by visiting our homepage.

Can I test DeepVA for free?

Absolutely! You can request your demo account by sending an email to hi@deepva.ai or simply use this contact form.

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