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The MoovIT-SP GmbH has been founded in 2022 as a spin-off of the MoovIT GmbH to focus on developing standarized products for the Broadcast and Media industry. Moovit software solutions already saved >1 million working hours of video editors and administrators .

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Streamline Your Video Editing with Helmut4's Workflow Builder

Helmut4 is the solution for efficient management of editing projects in professional video production environments where Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Adobe® After Effects® and Adobe® Audition® are used. Helmut4 adapts to your individual workflow and serves as connecting element inside your infrastructure as well as integrator of third-party systems. Project management newly defined – agile, adaptable and user-friendly. More details are shared on the subpages of this website or by our Helmut team in person.


Helmut’s built-in workflow builder, known as the ‘Streamdesigner’, is what truly makes the difference. In contrast to many other software solutions, the source code of Helmut4 is not completely fixed, but can be adapted by you in the Streamdesigner. This allows you to expand Helmut’s range of functions according to your own needs and ideas. You can connect conditions, actions and outputs to existing events in a node-based view until Helmut has created the exact workflow you need for your production environment. Read more about the product here.

Benefits for the user

Cost savings

Instead of €50,000 per year, only a maximum cost in the three-figure range

Flexible pricing

Billing on the basis of clips rather than machine time

Full integration

Seamless integration with your media asset management system (One-Magic-Button Solution)

Deep media analyzer functions

DeepVA features integrated into Helmut4

Diversity analysis

Diversity Analysis offers the possibility to determine the percentage of gender and age occurrence in images or videos.

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