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DeepVA product used



DeepVA integration in medialoopster: Expanding possibilities

Directly integrated AI services, such as Speech-to-Text, can be used in medialoopster, but also various AI applications from partners can be connected. AI services from DeepVA, for example, enable the automated generation of metadata for videos and images. With the help of this metadata, the content in the videos can then be structured with frame accuracy and including time periods, and can be found quickly if required. Due to the high degree of individualization, no person, building, text or object is left out.

Medialoopster: Simplifying video workflows for hassle-free management

Medialoopster is an enterprise video platform that supports companies of all sizes and industries in the management and sustainable use of their media assets (video, image and audio). All media assets are managed securely and efficiently and can be used collaboratively. Metadata management ensures fast retrieval of searched images, videos and sequences across the entire inventory. In addition, the tool uses artificial intelligence to create metadata and offers the option of “in-house production”. The combination of these two features makes the production of new videos simple, easy and fast. Artificial intelligence (AI) can automate repetitive tasks and processes in video production, saving significant time. You can find more information here.

DeepVA's approach of integrating AI into an existing MAM system excited me from the start. This way, with medialoopster, we can make AI accessible not only to the big media companies, but also to the smaller ones, so that they too can benefit from this groundbreaking development."

Benefits for the user

All-in-one package

Artificial intelligence and MAM ideally combined in one solution

Metadata-driven video search

Rapid search and retrieval of video content

Time-Saving video management

Automated generation of metadata made possible by DeepVA

DeepVA functions

DeepVA features integrated into medialoopster

Face recognition

Face Recognition detects and identifies the faces of public figures in a variety of categories such as politics, sports, business, and entertainment.

Face attributes

Face Attributes recognizes emotions and facial characteristics such as "beard", "eyes closed" or "glasses" of all persons appearing in pictures or videos.

Diversity analysis

Diversity Analysis offers the possibility to determine the percentage of gender and age occurrence in images or videos.

Visual concepts recognition

Object and scene recognition detects and labels various objects and scenes, from general to more specific ones.


Often the spoken word alone is not enough: transcription is needed. Our Speech to Text function automates this process.

Aspect ratio detection

Detect the format of your images and videos and intelligently crop them to suit your needs.

DeepVA Face Training Function

Face Training

In just a few seconds, new faces are trained using our face training technology and are ready for use in Recognition Services.

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