Deep Live Hub

AI-based live subtitling and translation in real-time

An automated solution to make live events, sports events, webinars, radio, and TV programmes accessible to a wider audience.

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Welcome to a world without language barriers!

With the Deep Live Hub, you can reach your audience anywhere in the world, regardless of the language they speak. Our AI service delivers subtitles and translations in real time on the channel of your choice.

Our easy-to-use web interface allows you to set up your audio and video streams in minutes. Use secure web push and pull URLs or our API. Within seconds, you get highly accurate transcriptions and subtitles.

Deep Live Hub Benefits

Transforming data into value

GDPR-compliant cloud service with data center in Frankfurt

Translation in over 30 languages and any format

Real-time editing in live editor during transcription

Accessible via web interface or API

Direct transcript in video or text stream, sent to you via URL

Custom dictionary integration for specialized terms

Multi-channel support with automated API control


Easy and fast implementation of your live stream transcription

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