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apollon is a leading software provider for the automation of product data communication and data distribution in omnichannel commerce. Through various services for automated content refinement with artificial intelligence and seamless integration into existing system architectures, apollon helps companies drive their digitization success.

DeepVA product used



AI in your workflow

With the integration of DeepVA into Online Media Net (OMN), we can help users accelerate their content creation processes through integrated AI services. Through features such as Face Recognition, Face Attributes, Diversity Analysis, Aspect Ratio Detection, Visual Concept Recognition, Speech-to-Text, as well as training of custom AI models, images can be recognized and content automatically tagged. This helps users intelligently classify and process the recognized content.

OMN PIM: Advanced Product Data Management

OMN Product Information Management (PIM) is an integral part of the advanced OMN Product Experience Management Suite. It helps manufacturers and retailers create, aggregate, manage, maintain, optimize, enrich, and syndicate their product data to meet the specific needs of their customers, taking into account channel, location, and personalized/contextual requirements. Since OMN PIM has several open interfaces, data can be imported from other systems (e.g., master data from ERP) and exported directly to all channels or exchanged via API. Quality analyses allow users to check whether existing product data is correct and complete before it is played out to the channels. This ensures that correct and up-to-date product data is played out. The Online Media Net software suite is characterized by excellent usability, scalability, and flexibility. Product information and digital assets are managed holistically and centrally in OMN; data silos are a thing of the past.

OMN DAM: Advanced Asset Management

OMN Digital Asset Management (DAM) is another part of the advanced OMN Product Experience Management that helps organize, orchestrate, optimize, enrich and syndicate asset data. It has many comprehensive features and many ways to process content with the help of AI. This includes DeepVA services that can be applied directly to any asset stored in OMN. OMN DAM works perfectly with OMN PIM, but can also be used as a stand-alone solution.

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Benefits for the user

DAM solution powered by AI

Improved management and organization of face data models and databases through leading DeepVA AI services.

Highest automation

Streamlined processes and reduced manual intervention with AI services and a powerful workflow engine.

Deep Integration

Seamless utilization of DeepVA's services for accurate face recognition, analysis, and dataset creation, enhancing overall effectiveness

DeepVA functions

DeepVA features integrated into OMN PIM

Face recognition

Face Recognition detects and identifies the faces of public figures in a variety of categories such as politics, sports, business, and entertainment.

Face attributes

Face Attributes recognizes emotions and facial characteristics such as "beard", "eyes closed" or "glasses" of all persons appearing in pictures or videos.

Diversity analysis

Diversity Analysis offers the possibility to determine the percentage of gender and age occurrence in images or videos.

Visual concepts recognition

Object and scene recognition detects and labels various objects and scenes, from general to more specific ones.


Often the spoken word alone is not enough: transcription is needed. Our Speech to Text function automates this process.

Aspect ratio detection

Detect the format of your images and videos and intelligently crop them to suit your needs.

DeepVA Face Training Function

Face Training

In just a few seconds, new faces are trained using our face training technology and are ready for use in Recognition Services.

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