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Diversity for media

Studies indicate that there still is a big gap between male and female characters across media content. For decades, nearly three-quarters of speaking parts in different TV shows have been performed by men.

DeepVA’s Diversity Analysis tackles the gender inequality by scanning your entire content. This means that our AI not only evaluates genders and age, but also the screen and speech time of every shown individual. Diversity reports build the basis for gender monitoring that allows you to create much more inclusive and diverse content in the future, and therefore challenge traditional social and cultural norms and attitudes regarding gender perceptions. Download our FREE brochure to learn more about diversity and how DeepVA can assist you in creating more inclusive content.

DeepVA Diversity analysis

Age & gender

Diversity Analysis lets you analyze both age and gender of a person from an image or video.

Screentime and speech shares

Your first automated software tool to measure screen and speaking time in media content.

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Why should media companies use
Diversity Analysis

Easy to use

No programming skills necessary — just select the visual assets you want to analyze and push the button

Runs everywhere

Works both on-premise and on your cloud platform — you choose the best option for your business

Better decision making

Data export helps you make better decisions for your company

Diversity overview_public broadcasters

diversity report

Diversity in the media industry:
Facts and figures 2022

Request our free diversity report (DE) and learn more about age and gender representation in German public broadcasters.

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