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Fraunhofer FOKUS conducts research on digital transformation and its impact on economics, technology and our society. The FOKUS business unit Future Applications and Media (FAME) develops future technologies in the areas of AI and Deep Learning for media, multiscreen applications, internet-delivered Media and Personalisation.



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Energy-efficient and sustainable streaming for a green future of digital media

In the age of ever-expanding online video streaming options, we are looking closely at the energy efficiency and sustainability of the entire streaming value chain. Our project aims to assess and optimise all components, from A/V encoders to content delivery networks and end devices. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are creating an eco-friendly digital clone of the streaming value chain that will support the optimal system parameters for sustainable operation and eco-friendly use of streaming content. Join the green future of video streaming!

Optimizing sustainability in the digital media value chain through energy-efficient practices and AI

The Green Streaming project analyses the energy efficiency of all elements along the streaming value chain, including A/V encoders, packaging, content delivery networks (CDN), A/V players and end devices. Fraunhofer FOKUS is currently researching context-aware, energy-efficient video encoding and related player components. For this purpose, we identify suitable measurement points, define measurement variables, collect component-specific measurement data and use real-time data from processing and playback processes to optimise the effective chain. Machine learning methods and AI models are used. A green digital twin of the holistically considered streaming chain is used to model real workflows and for training purposes. The result is a measurable and thus assessable streaming value chain that enables the sustainable operation and use of streaming content in terms of its carbon footprint in an automated, adaptive and self-learning manner.

The Chainless brings its AI expertise to the project through its DeepVA product. This technology enables context-aware video encoding using computer vision models, promoting AI optimisation for sustainable streaming workflows.

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