“UPCON” – a joint research project with RheinMain University and Lynx Technik AG

Partnerschaft DeepVA Hochschule RheinMain

Modern TVs boast stunning Ultra High Definition (UHDTV) capabilities, but displaying scenes with high contrast and color range remains a challenge. During the conversion from standard HDTV to UHDTV, details are often lost in overly bright or dark areas. Introducing High Dynamic Range (HDR): A Brighter Future for Video High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers a […]

Diversity — the key concept

On average, 100,000 German Internet users search Google for the term ‘diversity’ every month. Most DAX companies now promote diversity as a goal in their corporate policies. But what does diversity actually mean and to what extent is “diversity washing” the new “green washing”? Shouldn’t diversity also be quantitatively measurable? Diverse and what people mean […]

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