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Deep Media Analyzer

Equality and diversity insights

How can I get quick insights into my content's diversity and equaltiy status?

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Improving visual search

How can I efficiently find what I'm really looking for in my visual media material?

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Deep Model Customizer

Identification of speakers

How can I recognize new speakers in my media assets in the future?

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Individual person identification  

How can I recognize less-known or regional people in my footage?

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Deep Collector

Automatically build a speaker dataset 

How can I build up a dataset for my speaker recognition? 

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Automatically build a face recognition training dataset 

How can I automatically build training datasets from my media footage? 

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Deep Explorer

Improving video recommendations

How do I create better suggestions based on viewing behavior without a comprehensive user profile? 

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Speeding up research time

How can I recognize people and objects more quickly and establish references between them? 

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Deep Generator

SDR to HDR conversion

How can I turn SDR footage from the archive into HDR footage? 

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Automated thumbnails creation

How can I automatically create thumbnails for the media library from my material? 

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Deep Indexer

Duplicate detection 

How can I filter dublicates in my archive material more quickly?

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Similarity and reverse search

How can I identify and label people without pre-trained face recognition? 

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