At DeepVA, we are constantly striving to improve our software and services to provide the best possible experience for our users. We are excited to share the latest updates and improvements released in the May 2024 update. Our latest changes include a mix of new features, improvements, and fixes aimed at increasing functionality and user satisfaction.

Transcript Editor

Our most important update is the new Transcript Editor, which enables seamless editing and management of transcripts from Deep Media Analyser’s Speech Recognition. This feature was developed to provide more control and flexibility in handling speech-to-text output.

The transcript editor is started via the new button in the speech recognition results window.  The passages can be adapted manually section by section along the timecode, while a player is available on the right-hand side to listen to the passages again in case of doubt. In order to provide better assistance under time pressure, ‘Word Confidence Colouring’ can be used to display word by word how confident the system is with which words. This makes it easier to recognise which words may need to be checked again.

Once you have finished editing, you can start the export to common formats directly from the editor – all in one interface. The function will be available to all users in a first version with the current update.

Further innovations

Speaker identification indexing: Since March, our speaker identification has included indexing capabilities that allow users to ‘fingerprint’ the speaker’s voice and index it using a number. In future, this will also make it possible to cluster speakers and label them retrospectively.

Cancel function for ongoing uploads — we have added a new function in the storage uploader dialogue box that allows users to cancel ongoing uploads. This improvement aims to provide a smoother and more engaging user experience.

Enhanced facial recognition capabilities: Release of the ‘celebrities v29’ model for our facial recognition mining module, which includes over 100 new identities in total and is also available for immediate use.

Important corrections & bug fixes

UI and usability improvements: We have fixed various minor UI bugs in the software, including in the storage, on the indexing overview and in the data set clusters.

We also solved a problem when re-running jobs: From now on, the correct model and data set will be preselected when restarting, a small improvement with high added value for processes.

Back in February, an error with data set exports was fixed that caused collisions of class name folders. This now ensures better data management.


All DeepVA changelog updates are available here:

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